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Free APC for International Authors

The article processing charge will be waived for manuscripts with first and/or corresponding authors affiliated with international institutions.
Posted at 2024-04-18

DOAJ has indexed JAFT

Directory Open Access Journal or DOAJ has indexed JAFT as stated in this URL: https://doaj.org/toc/2614-7076. This great achievement is really challenging editorial team to always publish reputable article.
Posted at 2020-10-30

This is ten common mistake in manuscript

The decline will be applied if the article is out of JAFT style of writing. This is the list of common mistakes:

  1. Too many typo/error and mis-spell in the english and latin's name. 
  2. Unstructured abstract. Please make sure auhor has listed introduction and urgency of research, materials, method, results, and conclusion clearly and the conclusion is the answer of the title.
  3. Introduction without explanation in the reseearch urgency (including parameter urgency) and benchmark to other research. 
  4. None of explanation on objective and benefit of research in introduction section
  5. No specification statement of applied main material/equipment in material and method section
  6. Author still use T1, T2, and other code as treatments.
  7. Lack in describing method and no citation
  8. Miss data pointing (miss match between data in text and table).
  9. References too old and without DOI (for journal article) and out of JAFT style. Please use only 10 years back article only and use the original journal name without abbreviation.
  10. Miss match between references and citation.
Posted at 2020-05-30

Notification of policy changes in publication process

As the requirement to publish the high impact of publication, editor would like to announce the improvements of our policy in submission: the DOI requirements for all references and the publication costs as per June 1, 2020. Please see our previous announcement about DOI and payment section for publication.
Posted at 2020-05-29

DOI is required for all journal article as references

In order to enhance the quality of writing and citation, the obligatory to use DOI for all journal articles as references will be applied soon. Please consider to use only DOI article as references in manuscript. This policy will be applied to all submission starting from June 01, 2020.
Posted at 2020-05-28

Criteria of Article Review in JAFT

Review article in JAFT is allowed to be submitted and it can be short (less than 2500 words) or long review (more than 2500 words). Please note that the review article will be treated separately by editor. Review article is eligible for public researcher as long as cover these criterias:

  1. author should expert in the related topic of review and it can be presented in the references using three or more references by author (and team).
  2. the translation of review from other author is not allowed. Article will be checked for plagiarism. 
  3. author should ask the the eligibility of review to be submitted by email at editor@ift.or.id, so please send review article to editor's email and asking for the eligibility. 
  4. No role in style of writing but the abstract is still required.  
Posted at 2019-10-06

Reshuffle editorial board and managing editor

JAFT always maintain the quality of article through the good process including manuscript handling. Thus, it is required to reshuffle the editorial board and expand into much wider in diversity. JAFT greatly announces the new editorial board member and two managing editors were selected. The recent member of managing editor and editorial board are listed under the editorial team link.
Posted at 2019-10-05

Ethnic and traditional food as JAFT scope

Since great concern is appeared recently to the ethnic and traditional food, JAFT is started to receive the article from author in the scope of : food history and ethnic, traditional food, unique food process (including serving and handling), trend in recent unique food, and culinary
Posted at 2019-10-05

Article Summary Starting from 2018

JAFT starting from 2018, receives "Summary Article" which is the simple way for author to publish their work. This category will receive the process for publication same as "research article" but in the less page and explanation. Please refer to this link to find out how to write "summary article".
Posted at 2019-01-01

JAFT has Migrated to New URL

Starting from 2018, JAFT has migrated to new URL:  https://ejournal2.undip.ac.id/index.php/jaft. The previous URL (http://appliedfoodtechnology.org) is still maintained to preserve the JATP archieves until 2017. 

JAFT mulai tahun 2018 telah migrasi secara total ke domain yang baru dengan URL: https://ejournal2.undip.ac.id/index.php/jaft

Alamat web JAFT yang terdahulu (http://appliedfoodtechnology.org) masih berfungsi untuk menyediakan artikel yang dipublikasikan tahun 2017 dan sebelumnya.

Posted at 2019-01-01
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