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Indonesian Journal of Oceanography (IJOCE) is published by Department of Oceanography, Universitas Diponegoro.

The Indonesian Journal of Oceanography is published four times a year in February, May, August and November containing research articles and literature review on Oceanography and Marine aspects in general. 

Indonesian Journal of Oceanography (IJOCE) encourages submission of manuscripts dealing with all research papers and review on all aspects of oceanography, coastal management, marine science, marine biology, marine conservation, marine ecology, marine microbiology, marine culture, marine geology, air and ocean dynamics, estuary, renewable energy, disaster mitigation, ocean technology, ocean and coastal resources, ocean satellite, ocean remote sensing, other ocean topics.

Indonesian Journal of Oceanography (IJOCE) collaborates with Indonesian Marine Bachelor Association (ISKINDO) to provide quality scientific publications for the development of science and knowledge (MoU is attached)

Vol 4, No 3 (2022): Indonesian Journal of Oceanography

Whisnu Tribhaskoro, Sugeng Widada, Warsito Atmodjo

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/ijoce.v4i3.13261
01 - 12

Muhammad Dicky Nugraha Putra, Sugeng Widada, Warsito Atmodjo

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/ijoce.v4i3.13398
13 - 21

Misbahul Diptya Pawitra, Elis Indrayanti, Muh Yusuf, Muhammad Zainuri

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/ijoce.v4i3.13443
22 - 32

Fransiska Krisna Wahyu Nanda Pratiwi, Lilik Maslukah, Denny Nugroho Sugianto

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/ijoce.v4i3.14141
33 - 43

Danang Imaddudin Mahardika, Muhammad Helmi, Agus Anugroho Dwi Suryoputro

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/ijoce.v4i3.14383
44 - 56

Nurin Fazira Asdwina, Heny Suseno, Muslim Muslim, Mohamad Nur Yahya

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/ijoce.v4i3.14682
57 - 64

Lilik Latifah, Heny Suseno, Muslim Muslim, Mohamad Nur Yahya

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/ijoce.v4i3.14690
65 - 73

Ulfa Oktaviani Nurafifah, Muhammad Zainuri, Anindya Wirasatriya

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/ijoce.v4i3.14971
74 - 85

Mirza Fredyaniza Lazuardi, Lilik Maslukah, Sugeng Widada

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/ijoce.v4i3.14976
86 - 95

Gilang Rizki AlQadri, Kunarso Kunarso, Muslim Muslim

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/ijoce.v4i3.15013
96 - 106

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