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Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) in Children: A Rare Case Report

Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University, Indonesia

Received: 9 Jul 2020; Revised: 31 Oct 2020; Accepted: 24 Nov 2020; Available online: 31 Dec 2020; Published: 31 Dec 2020.
Open Access Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of Biomedicine and Translational Research

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Background: Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is a rare autoimmune disease that covers 20-30% of diseases related to autoimmune disorders and about 1% of demyelination diseases. NMO symptoms are vary between individuals, there are generally 2 main symptoms, transverse myelitis and optic neuritis. This article reported a child with NMO disease based on The Consensus of the International Panel for NMO Diagnosis (IPND) 2015.

Case Presentation: An 8-year old boy with spastic tetraparesis, bilateral nervus opticus dysfunction, urinary retention, and allodynia et causa suspected NMO. Patient received therapy using high-dose intravenous methylprednisolone and showing a clinical improvement.

Conclusion: This patient was diagnosed NMO based on IPND 2015 with an unknown AQP4-Ab status accompanied by supporting clinical symptoms. The management of NMO with high-dose intravenous methylprednisolone in this patient provides a meaningful response to the clinical improvement of the disease.


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Keywords: neuromyelitis optica; autoimmune; methylprednisolone

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