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Journal Biomedicine and Translational Research (JBTR)  is an open access peer reviewed medical journal. The journal was initiated in 2012 by a group of researchers from Center for Biomedical Research (Cebior) Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University (Prof. Sultana MH Faradz, MD, PhD, Prof. Tri Indah Winarni, MD, PhD and Udin Bahrudin, MD, PhD) and Center for Tropical Infectious Disease (Centrid) Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University-Dr. Kariadi Hospital (Prof. Muhammad Hussein Gasem, MD, PhD, and Endang Sri Lestari, MD, PhD).  The first article was launched in 2013 without ISSN.  Subsequently with the support of the Dean of Faculty of Medicine Prof. Tri Nur Kristina MD, PhD and the Information Technology team the journal has been formally registered in 2015 with ISSN and DOI, indexed by DOAJ, cited by Crossref and Google Scholar. In 2017, JBTR has been accredited by Sinta (Science Technology Index) from Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia and achieved the level 2. Formerly the journal was published twice a year, since 2020 the journal has been issued three times a year.  In the present time, due to rapid progress of genomic research and medical services globally, the JBTR have collaborated scientifically with Indonesian Society of Human Genetics (InaSHG) and Indonesian Society of Internal Medicine (PAPDI) Semarang branch by inviting members of InaSHG and PAPDI to be a member of editorial board and advisory board as well as reviewers.