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Jurnal Riset Kesehatan Masyarakat is a scientific journal article presents the results of research and review of the literature on the development of science that includes the study of Public Health Epidemiology, Administration & Policy Health, Health Promotion and Behavior, Biostatistics and Demography, Environmental Health, Public Health Nutrition, and Health & Safety work. The appropriate reviewer partners in the field will review each manuscript submitted to Jurnal Riset Kesehatan Masyarakat.


Information of Journal Name Change

Started from July 2021 edition (Vol 11 No 2 2021), the name of JIM: Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa will be changed to Jurnal Riset Kesehatan Masyarakat (JRKM) and the website was moved to the new website ( Therefore, Authors who will submit new manuscripts should register in the new website.

Meanwhile, the previous editions (up to 2019 edition) will still use JIM: Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa as the title and could be accessed in the old website (

Vol 2, No 3 (2022): Juli 2022

An Nisa Akhlaqul Karimah, Martini Martini, Ari Udijono, Dwi Sutiningsih

| Language: ID

Ratri Prabandari, Sri Yuliawati, Hestiningsih Retno, Nissa Kusariana, Martini Martini

| Language: ID

Nur Avinda Yusup, Martini Martini, Retno Hestiningsih, Nissa Kusariana

| Language: ID

Anindita Prajaningrum, Moh. Arie Wurjanto, Martini Martini, Dwi Sutiningsih

| Language: ID

Muhammad Wahyu Nugraha Ajie, Martini Martini, Moh. Arie Wurjanto

| Language: ID

Annis Syahri Habibillah, Martini Martini, Sri Yuliawati, Lintang Dian Saraswati, Retno Hestiningsih

| Language: ID

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Phone: 024-7460044

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