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*Nunik Retno Herawati  -  Departemen Ilmu Pemerintahan, Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik, Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia
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Auction of office is a form of promotion positions conducted in a transparent and selective. Transparent because it is done openly and everyone who has administrative requirements in the form of rank and class level, is allowed to register to fill vacancies available. Selective because the implementation process is done competency test or fit and proper test. By using qualitative approach and descriptive analyst method, the problem to be analyzed in this article is first: how the process of conducting the auction of Camat and Lurah office in the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta? Second: How is the result of Camat and Lurah office auction in DKI Jakarta?

The results of the research indicate that the auction process of Camat and Lurah in DKI Jakarta in 2013 has been implemented in an objective, transparent and selective manner. There are 6 (six) stages of selection that must be passed by all civil servants who participate in the auction positions at the level of Village and Sub-district are: Selection Administration, Health selection, Selection Knowledge, self-SWOT Paper and Vision Mission, Psychological Test and Interview. The result of Camat and Lurah office auction shows that from 282 candidates only 5 people or about 12.50% candidates for subdistrict heads who have competence deserve to be subdistrict head. While that does not have the competence of 168 people or 59.57%. Of the 322 candidates only 28 candidates who have the competence Lurah decent competence to Lurah.

Auctions even though the position is believed to be transparent and selective and done in a processional, there is one value that is less than the process Lelang Position, namely the absence of a participatory concept. This means that in some stages the public/public can actually be included, at least provide an open response to the candidates elected and appointed officials.

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