Jurnal Pengembangan Kota

JPK | JURNAL PENGEMBANGAN KOTA (Journal of Urban Development) is a peer reviewed scientific journal in the field of urban studies and development. JPK discusses the interfaces between theories and practice of place-making in Indonesia and emerging and transitional countries in Asia and beyond.

Focus and Scope
JPK covers topic related to human settlement, urban transportation, urban tourism, urban disaster management, urban environment, and urban sociology.

Edited and Published By Diponegoro University

Bibliographic Information: E-ISSN 2503-0361; P-ISSN 2337-7062 and DOI 10.14710/jpk

Publication Frequency:
Journal Pengembangan Kota publishes articles biannually in July and December. All papers are published as soon as they have been accepted

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OAI address of JPK: http://ejournal2.undip.ac.id/index.php/jpk/oai

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Additional Content

Edisi: Juli 2016
Vol.4, No.1 (2016)
Edisi: Desember 2015
Vol.3, No.2 (2015)
Edisi: Juli 2015
Vol.3, No.1 (2015)
Edisi: Desember 2014
Vol.2, No.2 (2014)
Edisi: Juli 2014
Vol.2, No.1 (2014)
Edisi: Desember 2013
Vol.1, No.2 (2013)

Vol 6, No 1: Juli 2018

JPK Vol. 6 (1). Online since 3 Juli 2018

1) Documents: 10 articles (PDF)
2) External Authors: 15,8% from Tadulako University & Public Works and Public Housing Agency
3) Internal Authors: 84,2%


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