Dhimas Mahardika, R. Heru Tjahjana, Sunarsih Sunarsih

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14710/jfma.v3i2.8546


Corona virus infection is lethal and life threatening to human life, for prevention it is necessary to carry out quarantined for a portion of susceptible, exposed, and infected population, this kind of quarantine is intended to reduce the spread of the corona virus. The optimal control that will be carried out in this research is conducting quarantine for a portion of susceptible, exposed, and infected individuals. This control function will be applied to the dynamic modelling of Covid-19 spread using Pontryagin Minimum Principle. We will describe the formulation of dynamic system of Covid-19 spread with optimal control, then we use Pontryagin Minimum Principle to find optimal solution of the control. The optimal control will aim to minimize the number of infected population and control measures. Numerical experiments will be performed to illustrate and compare the graph of Covid-19 spread model with and without control.


Covid-19; Dynamical System; Pontryagin Minimum Principle; Fixed time and fixed end point optimal control;

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