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Effect of Vitamin C Bioencapsulation in Natural Feed on Protein, Fat, Energy, and Mortality of Milkfish Larvae (Chanos chanos)

1Aquaculture Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Bosowa University, Indonesia

2Aquatic Resources Study Program, Balik Diwa Maritime Business and Technology Institute, Indonesia

3Center for Quality Assurance Development of Vocational Education in Maritime Fisheries Information and Communication Technology, Indonesia

Received: 12 Apr 2023; Revised: 11 Apr 2023; Accepted: 17 Apr 2023; Available online: 6 Jun 2023; Published: 7 Jun 2023.
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Indications of milkfish larvae problems show lack symptoms of vitamin C in the tissues, which will cause defective bone formation and become an inhibitor factor in growth and mortality. This research aims to investigate the influence of vitamin C bioencapsulation on rotifer and artemia in protein retention, fat, energy, and the cause of death in milkfish larvae (Chanos chanos). The dose of vitamin C used in this study were 0 (control), 50, 100, 150, and 200 mg L-1. The treatment starts from D-1 to D-30 stadia of milkfish larvae, with 30-day maintenance. The density of milkfish larvae utilized is 20 L-1. The protein and fat content of milkfish larvae bodies were measured using a proximate analysis, and the energy content of the feed was measured using a bomb calorimeter. Mortality was observed under the Ministry of Health of Republic Indonesia standard binocular microscope by identifying larvae that died daily in each container. This research shows that vitamin C bioencapsulation in rotifer and artemia affects the retention rate of protein, fat, energy and the cause of milkfish larvae mortality. The dose of vitamin C of 150 and 200 mg L-1 is effective in improving protein, fat, and energy retention, which can minimize the cause of milkfish larvae mortality. The best results are obtained by bioencapsulating Vitamin C on rotifer and artemia with dose of 150 mg L-1.

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Keywords: larvae quality; natural feed; production and technology improvements

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