*Listyaningsih Dewi Pamungkas  -  Aparatur Sipil Negara, Indonesia
Rukhana Fitriati  -  Aparatur Sipil Negara, Indonesia
Received: 3 Dec 2019; Published: 3 Dec 2019.
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This study aims to analyze the concept of best practice at the Population Administration
and Civil Registration office of Kudus Regency. The study is implemented by applying
the qualitative descriptive research methods. In terms of theoretical framework, the
article refers to best practice theory. Best practice theory suggests criteria to examine
policy innovation, namely impact, partnerships, sustainability, leadership, and
innovations in local contexts that can be transferred (transferability). The results of this
study indicate that the Population Administration and Civil Registry especially in the
Civil Registry Population Service is categorized as good and feasible as a "Role Model
of Public Service Provider" for other regions. The commitment of agency leadership in
improving the quality of public services is commendable. In addition, the Kudus regency
also provides facilitation and provides adequate infrastructure and facilities. The
important finding of the research also relates to several other factors such as
democratic leadership style; adequate human resource capacity; and the improved
supply system of the E-KTP form from central government is among the factors that
support the performance of population administration and civil registration services in
Kudus Regency. On the other hand, there are factors interfering the performance of the
admindukcapil. The factors are inadequate support of internet network in SIAK and
unreliability of server. There is also a need to increase public awareness to complete
population documents. In special cases, such as in time of national events such as
election, demand for completion of population documents increased significantly.
best practice, public service, population administration

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