*Aron Sebastian  -  Anggota Kepolisian Republik Indonesia, Indonesia
Received: 3 Dec 2019; Published: 3 Dec 2019.
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In order to adapt in changing environment, innovation is an important component in
public organization. Innovation in public organization runs in two stages, the initiation
stage and the implementation stage. The study examines supporting factors and barriers
of innovation at the Driving Licence service agency. The paper analyzes the initiation
stage and the implementation stage. In the initiation stage, the article shows the
agency’s decision to impement "SIM Booking Innovation" as policy to respond to the
demands of the community and organization. At implementation stage, the agency
implement a more technical intervention by building infrastructure such as allocating
special booth and staff, For driving license extension procedure, the agency adopted the
existing model. In conclusion, the article argues that the supporting factors in
organization innovation consists of broad-minded and open-minded leaders,
availability of facilities, and organizational support in the implementation of
innovation. On the other hand, the barrier factors of innovation are the lack of special
budget to support innovation program, risk aversion of subordinates and over-reliance
on high-performers.

service innovation, stages of innovation, supporting factors of innovation, barriers

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