Dampak Transformasi Mata Pencaharian Terhadap Kondisi Ekonomi dan Sosial Masyarakat (Studi Kasus pada Usaha / Kegiatan Penambangan Mineral Logam Mangan di Wilayah IUP PT Bun Yan Hasanah di Desa Nian Kecamatan Miomafo Tengah Kabupaten Timor Tengah Utara)

Published: 17 Aug 2014.
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This research was conducted in the area of North Central Timor Government District of Central Miomafo Nian village on 18 November 2013 to 18 May 2014 This study examines the impact of the transformation of the livelihood and economic and social conditions (Case Study On Business / Manganese Mineral Mining Activities Region Iup PT. Bun Yan Hasanah in Nian village Miomafo District of Central North Central Timor). With the aim to determine the impact of the transformation of the livelihood  and  economic  and  social  conditions,  the  type  of  research  used  is descriptive analytical approach using ex post facto that the data collected after the incident  took place.  With each  study variable,  namely  (1) changes  in the orientation of the public about livelihood, (2) economic conditions, (3) social conditions. The sampling technique was conducted by distributing questionnaires and direct interviews or questionnaires to 20 respondents who are involved actively in mining activities. Data were collected and analyzed by using AHP method. Results and discussion illustrate that the impact on the livelihood transformation of economic conditions  showed  the  highest  value  of  67%  and  is  followed  by  changes  in  the livelihood of 25% and 8% of social conditions. The fact indicates that the level 1 criteria matiks that economic criteria with sub-criteria fulfillment necessities of life ie 27% priority to the welfare of society villagers Nian District of Central Miomafo TTU.
Keywords: Transforming Livelihoods; Economic Conditions; Social Conditions

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