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Journal of Marine Disaster Mitigation (E-ISSN: XXXX-XXXX) is dedicated to publishing in the highest quality of research papers. The journal emphasizes the sustainability issues in aspect Marine Disaster, Marine Mitigation, Marine Rehabilitation, and Oceanography in Indonesia and worldwide. This journal is developed by Center for Castal Rehabilitation and Disaster Mitigation Studies, Universitas Diponegoro.

Start from December 2018 (Vol 1 No. 1) we encourage all papers submitted to the journal written in good English. Authors whose native language is not English will be facilitated with a profesional proofreades for FREE.

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Mailing Address

Center for Coastal Rehabilitation and Disaster Mitigation Studies (CoREM).
Lantai 1 UPT Laboratorium Terpadu Universitas Diponegoro‚Ä®,

Jl. Prof. Soedarto, SH, 
Kecamatan Tembalang, Kota SemarangKode Post 50269, INDONESIA,

Principal Contact

Muhammad Helmi
Marine Science Department, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science Diponegoro University Tembalang Campus Semarang - Indonesia

Support Contact

Riandi Teguh Widiyandono
Phone: 082225373374