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2023: Just Accepted Manuscript and Article In Press 2023

All Accepted manuscripts/articles are pre-published temporarily in "Article In Press of BCREC journal 2023" and are not assigned to volume/issue number yet. That's mean all articles in this pre-issue are in waiting for formal publishing in a next issue. Please be noted that DOI number in this In Press issue is not registered yet.


Table of Contents

Original Research Articles

Risfidian Mohadi, Yusuf Mathiinul Hakim, Rahma Dinta Astuti, Idha Royani, Mardiyanto Mardiyanto

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.16500
Received: 19 Nov 2022; Revised: 2 Feb 2023; Accepted: 3 Feb 2023; Available online: 15 Feb 2023; Published: 30 Mar 2023.