Lignin-containing Feedstock Hydrogenolysis for Biofuel Component Production

Elena Shimanskaya -  Department of Biotechnology and Chemistry, Tver State Technical University, Tver, 170026, Russian Federation
*Аntonina A. Stepacheva -  Department of Biotechnology and Chemistry, Tver State Technical University, Tver, 170026, Russian Federation
Esther Sulman -  Department of Biotechnology and Chemistry, Tver State Technical University, Tver, 170026, Russian Federation
Evgeny Rebrov -  1Department of Biotechnology and Chemistry, Tver State Technical University, Tver, 170026, Russia 2School of Engineering, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL,, United Kingdom
Valentina Matveeva -  1Department of Biotechnology and Chemistry, Tver State Technical University, Tver, 170026 Russia 3Regional Technological Center, Tver State University, Tver, 170100, Russian Federation
Received: 3 Mar 2017; Published: 2 Apr 2018.
Open Access Copyright (c) 2018 Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis
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In this paper, the commercial 5%Pd/C and 5%Pt/C catalysts and synthesized 5%Pt/MN-270 and 5%Pd/MN-270 were used in the hydrogenolysis of lignocellulosic material (softwood sawdust) to obtain liquid fuels in the form of hydrocarbons. As lignin has a very complex structure, anisole was used as a model compound. It was found that the use Pt-containing catalysts based on hypercrosslinked polystyrene in both processes of anisole and lignin-containing feedstock conversion allowed obtaining the highest yield of oxygen-free hydrocarbons (up to 96 wt. %). Besides, the polymer based catalysts showed high stability in hydrogenolysis process in comparison with the commercial carbon based catalysts. Copyright © 2018 BCREC Group. All rights reserved

Received: 3rd March 2017; Revised: 18th August 2017; Accepted: 21st August 2017; Available online: 22nd January 2018; Published regularly: 2nd April 2018

How to Cite: Shimanskaya, E.I., Stepacheva, A.A., Sulman, E.M., Rebrov, E.V., Matveeva, V.G. (2018). Lignin-containing Feedstock Hydrogenolysis for Biofuel Component Production. Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, 13 (1): 74-81 (doi:10.9767/bcrec.13.1.969.74-81)


Lignin; hydrogenolysis; depolimerization; biofuel

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