Partial Oxidation of Propylene over as Prepared and Acid Enriched Bi2Mo1-xWxO6 System

*Shambhu Sakharam Parab  -  Department of Chemistry, Goa University, Goa 403 206, India
S.J. Naik  -  Department of Chemistry, Goa University, Goa 403 206, India
A.V. Salker  -  Department of Chemistry, Goa University, Goa 403 206, India
Received: 16 Sep 2016; Revised: 1 Dec 2016; Accepted: 9 Mar 2017; Published: 1 Aug 2017; Available online: 8 May 2017.
Open Access Copyright (c) 2017 Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis
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The compounds Bi2Mo1-xWxO6 (x = 0.0, 0.2, and 0.4) were obtained through a Citrate sol-gel process. Thermogravimetric differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA), X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) techniques were used for characterization. Reitveld refinement of the XRD data confirmed the crystal structure of all the compositions to be orthorhombic, having Pca21 space group. XPS studies indicated the presence of +6 as well as +4 oxidation state for Mo. Surface acid enrichment of all the catalysts was done and monitored by NH3-TPD studies. Partial oxidation of propylene was studied over all the compounds. The W doping was found to increase the catalytic activity. Moreover, as-prepared catalysts and acid enriched catalysts were compared for their catalytic activity wherein, acid-enriched catalysts showed the improved conversion of propylene without hampering the product selectivity profile. Copyright © 2017 BCREC Group. All rights reserved

Received: 16th September 2016; Revised: 1st December 2016; Accepted: 9th March 2017

How to Cite: Parab, S.S., Naik, S.J., Salker, A.V. (2017). Partial Oxidation of Propylene over as Prepared and Acid Enriched Bi2Mo1-xWxO6 System. Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, 12 (2): 197-205 (doi:10.9767/bcrec.12.2.702.197-205)


Keywords: Ammonia TPD; Bi2Mo1-xWxO6; Partial oxidation; Structural studies

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