Modification of Coal Char-loaded TiO2 by Sulfonation and Alkylsilylation to Enhance Catalytic Activity in Styrene Oxidation with Hydrogen Peroxide as Oxidant

*Mukhamad Nurhadi  -  Department of Chemical Education, Universitas Mulawarman, Kampus Gunung Kelua, Samarinda, 75119, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Received: 24 May 2016; Revised: 11 Oct 2016; Accepted: 18 Oct 2016; Published: 30 Apr 2017; Available online: 13 Feb 2017.
Open Access Copyright (c) 2017 Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis
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The modified coal char from low-rank coal by sulfonation, titanium impregnation and followed by alkyl silylation possesses high catalytic activity in styrene oxidation. The surface of coal char was undergone several steps as such: modification using concentrated sulfuric acid in the sulfonation process, impregnation of 500 mmol titanium(IV) isopropoxide and followed by alkyl silylation of n-octadecyltriclorosilane (OTS). The catalysts were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), IR spectroscopy, nitrogen adsorption, and hydrophobicity. The catalytic activity of the catalysts has been examined in the liquid phase styrene oxidation by using aqueous hydrogen peroxide as oxidant. The catalytic study showed the alkyl silylation could enhance the catalytic activity of Ti-SO3H/CC-600(2.0). High catalytic activity and reusability of the o-Ti-SO3H/CC-600(2.0) were related to the modification of local environment of titanium active sites and the enhancement the hydrophobicity of catalyst particle by alkyl silylation. Copyright © 2017 BCREC GROUP. All rights reserved

Received: 24th May 2016; Revised: 11st October 2016; Accepted: 18th October 2016

How to Cite: Nurhadi, M. (2017). Modification of Coal Char-loaded TiO2 by Sulfonation and Alkylsilylation to Enhance Catalytic Activity in Styrene Oxidation with Hydrogen Peroxide as Oxidant. Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, 12 (1): 55-61 (doi:10.9767/bcrec.12.1.501.55-61)



Keywords: styrene; oxidation; coal char; sulfonation; alkylsilylation
Funding: Government of East Kalimantan

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