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The Catalytic Degradation Performance of α-FeOOH Doped with Silicon on Methyl Orange

1College of Textiles and Garments, Southwest University, China

2School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Southwest University, China

Received: 5 Nov 2015; Revised: 9 Jan 2016; Accepted: 13 Jan 2016; Available online: 10 Mar 2016; Published: 1 Apr 2016.
Editor(s): BCREC JM
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In order to improve the catalytic degradation property of α-FeOOH, α-FeOOH was doped with sodium silicate. The α-FeOOH doped with silicon was used as catalyst to catalyze the degradation of methyl orange. The XRD spectra showed that the crystalline phase of α-FeOOH doped with silicon was same as that of α-FeOOH; The catalytic degradation property of α-FeOOH doped with silicon was 21.7% higher than that of α-FeOOH; The results showed that catalytic degradation of methyl orange was almost degraded thoroughly at the conditions that the concentration of α-FeOOH doped with silicon in the solution was 0.73 g/L, the concentration of H2O2 was 0.231 mmol/L. The pH value was between 2 and 3, and the degradation reaction was carried out at 60 oC for at least 20 min. 

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Keywords: α-FeOOH doped with silicon; catalytic degradation; methyl orange

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