Catalytic Dehydrogenation of para-Diethyl benzene to para-Divinyl benzene over Iron oxide Supported Catalyst

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Submitted: 18-07-2018
Published: 25-01-2019
Section: Original Research Articles
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The vapor-phase catalytic dehydrogenation of para-diethyl benzene (PDEB) to para-divinyl benzene (PDVB) with super-heated steam as a diluent was investigated using alumina supported iron oxide catalyst system. During the catalytic dehydrogenation reaction, ethyl styrene (EST) and thermal cracking products were observed as side products. It was found that various reaction parameters influence the rate of dehydrogenation reaction. However, the reaction is favored by high temperature and low reaction pressure. Moreover, addition of potassium into iron oxide catalyst acts as a promoter and thereby increases the efficiency of the catalyst. The conversion of PDEB and yield of PDVB also increases as the Water/PDEB flow ratio increases.

Received: 18th July 2018; Revised: 28th November 2018; Accepted: 17th December 2018


Dehydrogenation; para-Diethyl benzene; para-Divinyl benzene; Supported iron catalyst

  1. Vivek Kumar Srivastava 
    , India
  2. Nagesh Sharma 
    , India
  3. Raksh V. Jasra 
    , India
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