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Selective Hydrogenation of Dodecanoic Acid to Dodecane-1-ol Catalyzed by Supported Bimetallic Ni-Sn Alloy

1Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Lambung Mangkurat University, Jl. A. Yani Km 36.0 Banjarbaru South Kalimantan, Indonesia

2Department of Agro-industrial Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Lambung Mangkurat University, Jl. A. Yani Km 36.0 Banjarbaru South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Received: 26 Nov 2017; Revised: 24 Dec 2017; Accepted: 24 Jan 2018; Available online: 11 Jun 2018; Published: 1 Aug 2018.
Editor(s): Istadi Istadi
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Selective hydrogenation of dodecanoic acid over supported bimetallic Ni-Sn alloy catalysts into dodecane-1-ol is demonstrated. Bimetallic nickel-tin supported on titanium oxide (Ni-Sn(1.5)/TiO2) and gamma-alumina (Ni-Sn(1.5)/g-Al2O3); 1.5 = Ni/Sn molar ratio) were synthesized via hydrothermal method in a sealed-Teflon autoclave reactor at 150 oC for 24 h, then followed by reducing with hydrogen gas at 400 oC for 1.5 h. The synthesized catalysts were characterized by means of XRD, IC-AES, N2-adsorption (BET method), H2-chemisorption, and NH3-TPD. Bimetallic Ni-Sn(1.5)/TiO2 catalyst was found to be effective for hydrogenation of dodecanoic acid (>99 % conversion) to dodecane-1-ol (93% yield) at 160 oC, 30 bar H2, and 20 h and the highest dodecane-1-ol (97 % yield) was obtained at initial pressure of H2, 50 bar. An increase of reaction temperature slightly enhanced the degree of hydrodeoxygenation of dodecanoic acid to produce dodecane over both Ni-Sn(1.5)/TiO2 and Ni-Sn(1.5)/g-Al2O3 catalysts. 

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Keywords: Bimetallic Nickel-Tin Alloy Catalyst; Dodecane; Dodecanoic Acid; Dodecane-1-ol; Hydrogenation
Funding: BPDP-Sawit, Ministry of Finances through GRK-2016 under contract number PRJ-49/2016. Partial these works were supported by Insentif Riset Pratama Individu (IRPI) FY 2016-2017 and International Publication Project of DGHE FY 2016 under Grant Number of DIPA

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